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Verse of the Day (July 11, 2020)

Verse of the Day (July 11, 2020) #BMSeminary – Jeremiah bought the field as a symbol of trust in God and His promises, but apparently he still had some degree of doubt. These verses are a strophe recording Jeremiah’s prayer to God who tries to assure him:(1) by using the prophet’s very same words from Jer 32:7, (2) by reminding him of God’s gracious acts to the seed of Abraham (cf. Neh 9:9-38). This verse expresses the recurrent emphasis on YHWH as the creator Deity (i.e., monotheism). The idols cannot (1) act, (2) predict, (3) hear, but YHWH can and does do all these things! {Your outstretched arm} This is an anthropomorphic phrase. {Nothing is too difficult for You} This is asserting that YHWH can accomplish Judah’s fall and rebuilding (cf. Jer 31:28). [You Can Understand the Bible by Dr. Bob Utley]

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