Study Plan

  1. PRAY: Ask the Lord for guidance and wisdom as you start a learning unit of a chosen course or subject.
  2. READ: Study the required lessons for each learning unit. Normally, there are 2 to 4 learning units for every course or subject. (see Course Content) [Note: Minimum time is 2 days]
  3. REVIEW: Ask the tutor to provide a study guide for First Year courses to identify the potential testable items for each learning unit. For Second Year to Fourth courses, the potential testable items are in ‘red’ font. [Note: Minimum time is 1 day]
  4. EXAM: Ask the tutor to provide the exam link. The exam is to be taken within two (2) hours upon receipt. Most of the exams are in multiple-choice, multiple answer type of questions but there are some true or false and matching type as well. Students need to have a grade of 75% (e.g. 50/100) in order to proceed to the next learning unit of the course or subject. [Note: Maximum exam time is 2 hours]
  5. REFLECT: If a student failed, he/she will be required to submit a summary-reflection paper (500 words for 71-74%; 750 words for 66-70%; 1,000 words – 61-65%; 1,500 words – 56-60%) of a chosen topic/s in a particular learning unit. Also, if a student failed to submit within two (2) hours, he/she will be graded as 50% (e.g. 0/100) and required to submit a 2,000-word summary-reflection paper on any topics on a particular learning unit. A satisfactory paper will obtain 75% passing mark. [Minimum time for paper submission is 1 day]
  6. REMEMBER: PRAY => READ => REVIEW => EXAM => REFLECT (if necessary)

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