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Verse of the Day (October 5, 2020)

Verse of the Day (October 5, 2020) #BMSeminary – Seek the Lord. In light of the benefits of the servant’s work (ch. 54), the people of Israel should avail themselves of this salvation now. They should not imagine that they can purchase it (vv. 1-2) but should obey the call to believe what God says (vv. 3-5). They should not wait to understand it all (vv. 6-11) but should immediately act (vv. 6-7) on the glorious promise (vv. 12-13). This briefly explains how to enter a saving relationship with the Lord: earnestly pursue (“seek”) God and his ways in his opportune time; “forsake” all “wicked” behavior (“ways”) and “unrighteous” attitudes (“thoughts”); cast oneself on the “mercy” of Yahweh, knowing that nothing we have done merits his “pardon.” [Zondervan Study Bible]


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