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Verse of the Day (August 26, 2020)

Verse of the Day (August 26, 2020) #BMSeminary – {vv. 3–8} Faith in Christ brings humility, but it also brings an active resolve to live to the full measure of one’s faith (v. 3). This is a growing and not static self-assessment, far removed from self-absorbed and passive piety. There is both unity and individuality in the household of faith that the gospel produces (vv. 4–5). We are indebted to the larger body—Christ’s body, the church—and we owe our fellow believers the fruit of the grace God has given us (v. 6). Our God-given strengths (vv. 6–8) may involve gifts of a “public” nature (prophecy, teaching, exhorting), or we may find ourselves using our gifts in a more non-public way (serving, contributing, leading, showing mercy). In either case, God has assigned each believer a faith-capacity that begs for expression in serving God and others. The gospel does not produce perpetual spectators but mobilizes hearers to make a difference for others as God has made a difference in them. We love as he has loved us (Eph. 4:32–5:2). We serve as he has served us (Mark 10:45). [Gospel Transformation Study Bible]

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