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Verse of the Day (August 2, 2020)

Verse of the Day (August 2, 2020) #BMSeminary – Happy Lord’s Day! {But prove yourselves doers of the word} This is a present middle imperative. This verse is the central message of the entire book (cf. Jas 1:22-23; Jas 1:25). Christianity is a volitional decision to a faith relationship with Jesus Christ which issues in a Christlike lifestyle. It is possible that this phrase is an indirect way of referring to OT obedience as in the Ten Commandments (cf. Jas 1:12 combined with Exo 20:6 and Deu 5:10). {not merely hearers} This word was used in Greek literature for those who attended lectures but never joined the groups. Hearing the truth is not enough; believers must act on it and continue to act on it daily (cf. Jas 2:14-26; Mat 7:21; Mat 7:24-27; Luk 8:21; Luk 11:28; Joh 13:17; Rom 2:13). {who delude themselves} This is a present middle participle (this verb appears only here and Col 2:4). Modern Christianity is guilty of supposing that church attendance or civil responsibility is equated with Christian service. Our cultural segregation of the secular and sacred only achieves self-deception. Jas 1:23-25 are an example of such self-deception. Life belongs to God and each of us will give an account to God as to how we have lived it. [You Can Understand the Bible by Dr. Bob Utley]

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