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Verse of the Day (July 24, 2020)

Verse of the Day (July 24, 2020) #BMSeminary – This psalm is reminiscent of Psalm 1 with its extolling of the benefits God has in store for those who fear the Lord and greatly delight in his commandments (112:1). The wicked are contrasted (as in Psalm 1), but only in the final verse (112:10), as they revolt against the righteous—to their peril and demise. What characterizes the righteous? They are gracious and merciful while maintaining their righteousness before God and others. In essence, they reflect the grace and goodness of their God (v. 4). They do not fear distressing news or shrewd adversaries but remain steadfast in their trust in God (vv. 7–8). They are lavish in their generosity toward those in need (vv. 5, 9). God’s favor rests on them, causing their offspring to multiply (v. 2), their wealth to increase (v. 3), their pathway to be lighted (v. 4), and their name to be remembered (v. 6). All of these blessings follow proper regard for the Lord (v. 1) in an imperfect world where “darkness” (v. 4), “bad news” (v. 7), and “adversaries” (v. 8) still exist. The reason for such blessing in this fallen world is not merely human achievement or resolve. The language used to describe the righteous man in Psalm 112 is very similar to the description of God in Psalm 111. If the two psalms are read in tandem, they can be seen to prefigure the nature of grace that allows the righteousness of God to become our own, and through which we ultimately know the blessing of God. [Gospel Transformation Study Bible]

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