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Verse of the Day (July 19, 2020)

Verse of the Day (July 19, 2020) #BMSeminary – Happy Lord’s Day! {Do not fear} This is a very common word from YHWH to His people (cf. Isa 41:13-14; Isa 43:1; Isa 43:5; Isa 44:2; Isa 44:8; Isa 51:7; Isa 51:12; Isa 54:4; Isa 54:14). Notice why they should not fear: (1) YHWH is personally with them; (2)YHWH is their covenant God; (3)He will strengthen them; (4) He will help them (Isa 41:10; Isa 41:14); (5) He will uphold them (Isa 41:10; Isa 41:13); (6) all who oppose them will (a) be shamed; (b) be dishonored; (c) be brought to nothing (Isa 41:11-12); (d) perish. {for I am with you} There is no stated VERB in this phrase (see NKJV). There is an obvious intended word play (cf. Isa 41:13) between the meaning of the needed VERB (I am) and the name for God, YHWH (I Am that I Am, cf. Exo 3:14). There is no greater promise in all the Bible (cf. Mat 28:20; Act 18:10). {be not discouraged} The Hebrew VERB (BDB 1043, KB 1609) in the Hithpael, means “gaze not about (in anxiety).” It is possible that the VERB is from another root (שׁתע), which is found in Ugaritic, meaning “fear” (NET Bible, p. 1250, #21). [You Can Understand the Bible by Dr. Bob Utley]


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