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Verse of the Day (June 15, 2020)

Verse of the Day (June 15, 2020) #BMSeminary – Be a righteous and wise child—whether young or old (vv. 24–25). Sons and daughters who are willing to pay the price to get wisdom bring great joy and delight to their parents. Note in these two verses how often the father impresses upon his son the inexpressible joy that godly children give their parents. It is not the father of rich and famous children who rejoices but the father of righteous ones. Nothing is more important to godly parents than the spiritual success of their children. If for no other reason, children who truly love their parents will live righteously in order to please them. If we are sacrificing our children’s spiritual training for their participation and success in worldly activities, this set of proverbs should convict our hearts. Children must be trained and prepared for all areas of life. But as Proverbs teaches, the spiritual area is the key to true success in all others. Sadly, verse 24 is not true for many of us. Far too many of us prioritize sports, music lessons, dancing, and other activities over church and the things of God. Many of us rejoice because our children are popular, prize-winners, and recognized, not because they are righteous. [Preaching Outline and Study Bible]

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