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Verse of the Day (June 13, 2020)

Verse of the Day (June 13, 2020) #BMSeminary – This passage contains shorter versions of several of the teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7). These verses give instruction in how to pray, providing both a model prayer (Luke 11:2–4) and the reason for our confidence in praying (vv. 5–13). Jesus’ model prayer emphasizes simplicity in approaching God as our loving and providing Father. This is buttressed by a series of encouraging images of God’s heart toward us. If we ask and seek and knock we will receive gifts from our Father, based not on our goodness or effort but on his nature as a loving Father. This revelation of who God is for us in Christ is a warm invitation to cast our cares on him (1 Pet. 5:7), seeking him with confidence, not fear (Heb. 4:16). The God-honoring response to this revelation is worship and rejoicing in his gift. [Gospel Transformation Study Bible]

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