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Verse of the Day (June 12, 2020)

Verse of the Day (June 12, 2020) #BMSeminary – The psalm naturally falls into three parts: God’s revelation in creation (vv. 1–6), God’s revelation in the law (vv. 7–11), and the response of the man of faith (vv. 12–14). The point of the first six verses is that the heavenly bodies are objective proof that a powerful, creative God exists. The heavens are God’s preachers in the sky who proclaim 24 hours a day the truth that God exists (vv. 1, 2); furthermore, they speak a universal language (vv. 3, 4). On the other hand, God’s special revelation is His law. It is described by five synonyms: law, testimony, statutes, commandment, and judgments (vv. 7–9). His law is precious and desirable (v. 10). The man of faith can respond only with a prayer that he be kept from both hidden sins (v. 12) and willful sins (v. 13); that what he says may be acceptable to the Lord; and that even what he thinks may be pleasing to God (v. 14). [KJV Study Bible, HarperCollins]

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