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Verse of the Day (May 30, 2020)

Verse of the Day (May 30, 2020) #BMSeminary – The superscription relates the psalm to David’s first stay in Gath under Achish (1 Sam. 21:10–15). The refrain of verses 4, 10, and 11 mark off two sections in the psalm. First, David contrasts his threatening enemies with his faithful God (vv. 1–4). Second, he expresses the truth that he is watched from two directions: on the one side by his enemies; on the other by God, his Protector (vv. 5–11). The refrain of verse 4 is now strengthened and expanded into two verses (vv. 10, 11). The two final verses serve as a conclusion that assumes his upcoming deliverance as a present reality. [KJV Study Bible, HarperCollins]


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