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Verse of the Day (February 17, 2020)

Verse of the Day (February 17, 2020) #BMSeminary – Paul extolls the glories of “the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (v. 39). No one can frustrate God’s purposes (v. 31). Since he gave Jesus (the ultimate treasure of heaven) for us, we can be assured that his care and all his promises stand firm for our present time and for eternity (v. 32; cf. v. 28). Any accuser—Satan, circumstances, sins—shrivels in stature alongside the risen Christ who is interceding for us at God’s right hand (vv. 33–34). Paul makes the testimony of the psalmist his own (v. 36). “In all these things” (v. 37; see v. 35) that could seem to defeat God’s people, God and the “elect” (v. 33) whom he loves remain united and inseparable, now and forever (vv. 38–39). (Gospel Transformation Study Bible)


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