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Verse of the Day (January 25, 2020)

Verse of the Day (January 25, 2020) #BMSeminary – This “Finally” signals the last of the three imperatives that explain how to stand firm (Php 4:1; cf. Php 4:2; Php 4:4). It also introduces Paul’s next to the last exhortation in this list that deals with what the believer should spend his or her time thinking about. This subject obviously relates to prayer since both activities involve mental concentration. “True” (alethe) means valid, honest, and reliable (cf. Rom 3:4). “Honorable” or “noble” (semna) means worthy of respect (cf. Pro 8:6; 1Ti 3:8; 1Ti 3:11; Tit 2:2).”Right” (dikaia) refers to what is just and upright. “Pure” (hagna) denotes cleanness and connotes moral purity. “Lovely” (prosphile) means what is amiable, agreeable, or pleasing. “Of good repute” or “admirable” (euphema) refers to what is praiseworthy because it measures up to the highest standards. Paul listed these virtues like contemporary moral philosophers of his day taught, namely, by reciting catalogues of virtues and vices. [Note: Hawthorne, p. 187.] The conditional clause structure at the end of this sentence is a rhetorical device. It places the responsibility on the reader to make his or her own decision regarding what is excellent and praiseworthy. [Note: Kent, p. 152.] “. . . Paul seems to be drawing upon the cultural background of the Philippians and is saying to them: ’If there is such a thing as moral excellence, and you believe there is. If there is a kind of behavior that elicits universal approval, and you believe there is,’ then continue to strive for this goodness and to attain to this level of behavior that will command the praise of men and of God.” [Note: Hawthorne, p. 186.] “We are responsible for our thoughts and can hold them to high and holy ideals.” [Note: Robertson, 4:460.] (Expository Notes of Dr. Constable)


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