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Verse of the Day (January 4, 2020)

Verse of the Day (January 4, 2020) #BMSeminary – This text is a frequently quoted summary of godly living, and rightly so. This is the godly life, the beautiful life. To it we are called. Let us strive to embody Micah 6:8 in our lives. And let us do so in a way that gladly acknowledges that we will never “do justice” and “love kindness” and “walk humbly” with God as we should. Only Jesus lived this way perfectly. But the wonder of the gospel is that he did it in our place and transfers his record of perfect righteousness to all those joined to him by faith. As he indwells his people by his Spirit, they are empowered to do justice and love kindness, walking humbly in his ways (James 1:27). In a remarkable way, this verse also foreshadows the gospel. It expresses first our obligation to the law (“to do justice”); then it compels us “to love kindness” (i.e., steadfast love or mercy), since none of us can fully keep the requirements of the law; and finally it calls us “to walk humbly with your God,” because we depend upon our relationship with him to provide the justice and steadfast love required of us. (Gospel Transformation Study Bible)


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