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Verse of the Day (December 10, 2019)

Verse of the Day (December 10, 2019) #BMSeminary – Moses was unique among the prophets (Num. 12:6–8) and was the first in a long line of prophets (Deut. 18:15) who would be inspired by God to speak God’s word to the people (v. 18). The Israelites could recognize a true prophet, because his word never failed to come to pass (vv. 21–22). Moses promised that God would raise up “a prophet” singular. On the one hand, the singular noun refers to the single prophetic office, filled by numerous prophets, as indicated by verses 21–22, which provide instructions for distinguishing true prophets from false prophets. On the other hand, at least some ancient Jews understood this promise to pertain to a single, particular prophet, as is clear from texts like John 1:21; 6:14; and 7:40. Jesus is this expected prophet “like” Moses (Acts 3:22; 7:37). But Jesus is also the prophet “worthy of more glory than Moses” (Heb. 3:3). If it was necessary for ancient Israel to listen to Moses, who was “faithful in all God’s house as a servant” (Heb. 3:5), how much more necessary is it for the church to listen to the final Prophet (Heb. 3:7–19), who was “faithful over God’s house as a son” (Heb. 3:6)? (Gospel Transformation Study Bible)


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