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Verse of the Day (December 3, 2019)

Verse of the Day (December 3, 2019) #BMSeminary – [I am] Apart from the instances where the simple form “I am” occurs in Greek with overtones of the divine name, John’s Gospel records seven so-called “I am” sayings. [the bread of life] Also in v. 48; see vv. 41,51. May mean “the bread that is living” and/or “the bread that gives life.” [comes to . . . believes in] Synonymous and parallel to “eats” and “drinks”; this establishes what the eating and drinking metaphors mean in vv. 50-58. never go hungry . . . never be thirsty. Jesus spiritually satisfies one’s deepest need and desire: to know God (see 4:14; see also 17:3; Rev 7:16). Jesus’ Seven “I Am” Sayings in John: (1) I am the bread of life (6:35,48) and living bread (6:51); (2) I am the light of the world (8:12); (3) I am the gate (10:7,9); (4) I am the good shepherd (10:11,14); (5) I am the resurrection and the life (11:25); (6) I am the way and the truth and the life (14:6); (7) I am the true vine (15:1,5). (Zondervan Study Bible)


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