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Verse of the Day (November 24, 2019)

Verse of the Day (November 24, 2019) #BMSeminary – Happy Lord’s Day! [as you received] When one receives Jesus Christ as Lord, one also receives the obligation to live a certain way. Receiving Christ also implies receiving the traditions about Christ-what he did and taught and what it means-and this tradition, rather than human tradition, v. 8, provides the guidelines for the Christian life. [continue to live] Christians do not need to add-and should not add-other guidelines for living a life pleasing to the Lord (1:10). The implication is that Christians must look to Christ alone. [rooted . . . built up . . . strengthened] These participles are in the passive voice, which implies that someone has done these things for them, namely God. The Christian faith is not a do-it-yourself religion. Christians are bound to the Lord by their faith and are bound to be obedient to him and to live with thanksgiving. [thankfulness] Christians with a thankful spirit respond to what God has done in Christ and are mindful that their lives depend entirely upon God, not themselves. A thankful spirit also wards off false teaching. (Zondervan Study Bible)


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