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Verse of the Day (October 5, 2019)

Verse of the Day (October 5, 2019) – (1) “Seek” is a Qal IMPERATIVE (BDB 205, KB 233). This VERB is often used of seeking God in a personal sense (cf. Deu 4:29; Isa 58:2; Isa 65:10). This seeking is described well in Deu 30:1-3; Deu 30:10 and Jer 29:13-14; Amo 5:14-15. (2) No one can come to God unless He draws them (cf. Isa 45:22; Joh 6:44; Joh 6:65), but when He draws, humans must respond then. God never forsakes His creation (cf. Psa 103:8-14), but there is a time to choose. If that time passes, a hardness of the human heart develops into an inability to hear God and respond to Him. (3) “Call” is also a Qal IMPERATIVE (BDB 894, KB 1128). This line of poetry is parallel to the line above. This language denotes a worship setting, as does Rom 10:9-13 or Joh 1:12. Humans must respond in repentance and faith (cf. Jer 3:12-13; Jer 4:1-4; Joe 2:12-13; Amo 5:4-7; Amo 5:14-15; Mar 1:15; Joh 3:16; Act 20:21). This appropriate covenant response is true for the OT as well as the NT. YHWH desires a fellowship, a people! (You Can Understand the Bible) #BMSeminary


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