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Verse of the Day (September 25, 2019)

Verse of the Day (September 25, 2019) – My little children indicates John’s deep concern for his readers. In preceding verses he had been concerned with erroneous notions that some may have held and advocated; now he turns directly to his addressees. Advocate is a legal term for “one who intercedes for another.” The term advocate denotes a lawyer who represents his client before a court of law. When applied to the present ministry of Christ, it speaks of His work for sinning believers to restore them to fellowship. Christ’s work as an advocate is based on the sufficiency of His blood for all sin, past and present. Illustration: In the Old Testament, when David confessed his sin, he was forgiven and restored to a place of service. Application: Although the Christian has an Advocate with the Father, his goal in life ought to be overcoming sin (1 John 5:4), rather than merely confessing it. (The KJV Study Bible) #BMSeminary


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