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Verse of the Day (September 24, 2019)

Verese of the Day (September 24, 2019) – “do not cast away your confidence” The basis for this command is their prior conduct (vv. 32-34). A synonym for faith in Hebrews (v. 19; 3:6; 4:14). Maintaining such faith “will be richly rewarded.” (Reward appears in the significant description of faith in 11:6 [see 11:26].) You need to persevere or “you have need of endurance” (the same Greek root as that translated “endured” in v. 32). This introduces part of the next major section’s topic: faith and endurance (11:1-12:13). you will receive what he has promised. This hope for the future can sustain our fidelity to God. Examples of doing “the will of God” despite present difficulties include Christ (vv. 7,9-10) and Abraham (6:12,15). (Zondervan Study Bible) #BMSeminary


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