BMS Updates

Verse of the Day (September 13, 2019)

Verse of the Day (September 13, 2019) – Peter mentions five qualities that are hallmarks of a healthy Christian community, and each quality is necessary to preserve Christian community. Like-minded people share religious beliefs and ethical practices, which produce cohesion within a group. Right beliefs about Jesus Christ and the ethical system that flows from those beliefs are foundational for Christianity as a whole and for healthy local churches. Some societies value understanding, love, compassion, and humility differently than others. For instance, first-century Roman society disdained humility as an expression of weakness. But Jesus Christ humbled himself to serve others-even to death-not because he was weak, but precisely because he is the most exalted and powerful human being. Christians should do likewise, even when such values conflict with social expectations. (Zondervan Study Bible) #BMSeminary


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